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Telwin Battery Link Telwin Battery Link
The Battery Link is the perfect solution for monitoring and intelligent battery management via Bluetooth. It is therefore an indispensable gadget for the car that is moved daily, or the vintage car that is well protected in the garage....
€39.99 *
Wall Mount for Doctor Charge 50 Wall Mount for Doctor Charge 50
The wall mount for the Doctor Charge 30/50 and Pulse 30/50 car chargers is ideal for safe and space-saving storage of the charger. The set includes fasteners for the charger so that you can attach it to the holder without it falling...
€51.00 *
10m spare/additional charging connection cable for Doctor charge 50 10m spare/additional charging connection cable...
The 10m spare/additional charging connection cable is the optimal supplement for a Doctor Charge 50 mounted with a wall bracket. This gives you a large working area without always having to move the charger. It can easily be used instead...
€74.00 *
DT 400 Battery tester DT 400 Battery tester
Intelligent digital tester used to verify the charge status and start current capacity of 12V batteries (WET,GEL,AGM,PbCa). It is very compact, practical, easy to use and allows operations without disconnecting the battery from the...
€74.90 *
Drive Mini 12V Multifunction Starter Drive Mini 12V Multifunction Starter
DRIVE MINI 12V The Telwin 12V lithium multi-function starter is not only a starter kit but also a power bank that can charge conventional mobile devices. The USB output is used to charge electronic devices with up to 2A. The powerful,...
€84.99 *
T-Charge 12evo T-Charge 12evo
The Telwin T-Charge 12evo is an electronic multifunctional battery charger, trickle charger and tester for WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li batteries of 6/12V type with an LCD screen. The programmes for charging and trickle charging,...
€84.99 *
DTS700 Battery tester DTS700 Battery tester
This intelligent digital tester not only allows you to determine the charge status of a battery, but also to check the functional status of the vehicle's starting system and battery charging system (alternator). The extremely handy and...
€99.99 *
Dr. Charge 50 Dr. Charge 50
Electronic BATTERY MANAGER for total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB und Li batteries at 6/12/24V and for support activities when intervening on vehicles in workshops, repair shops and car dealer premises. The innovative...
€379.99 *