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Pico 4-channel 4225A Advanced Kit in case PQ180

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The 4-channel PicoScope 4225A oscilloscope is specially designed for automotive applications and... more
Product information "Pico 4-channel 4225A Advanced Kit in case PQ180"

The 4-channel PicoScope 4225A oscilloscope is specially designed for automotive applications and operates with a bandwidth of 20 MHz and a resolution of 12-bit (16-bit in extended mode). With PicoScope6, the oscilloscope has professional software that enables diagnostics on cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles. The updates are free of charge and therefore offer a purchase for the future. The power supply for the oscilloscope is via the USB port. PicoScope6 Automotive is supported by all Windows versions from Windows 7.

Scope of delivery



1x MI121 USB-2 cable 4.5 m (blue)
2x MI168 "S"-hook
1x PA147 6-pocket rolling bag (black) with Pico imprint
1x PA209 Carrying case
2x TA001 Multimeter test probe (black)
2x TA002 multimeter test probe (red)
2x TA003 small alligator clip (black)
2x TA004 small alligator clip (red)
1x TA005 large dolphin clamp (black)
1x TA006 large dolphin clamp (red)
1x TA008 acupuncture probe set
1x TA012 breakout cable 2-pole sensor
4x TA017 4 mm banana plug adapter, sheathed to unsheathed (red)
1x TA034 Extension adapter for standard ATC fuse
1x TA035 Extension adapter for mini ATC fuse
4x TA037 Ignition lead extension adapter
1x TA106 Ground lead for ignition lead pack 45 cm long
1x TA155 USB 3.0 cable (blue) 1.8 m
2x TA157 Battery clip (red)
2x TA158 battery clip (black)
4x TA161 flexible needle probe (black)
4x TA162 flexible needle probe (red)
1x TA168 extension adapter for JCASE fuse
1x TA190 breakout cable 2-pole ACS
1x TA206 extension adapter for MAXI fuse
1x TA324 Premium 6-way breakout cable set
1x TA329 Parking sensor detector 2 m
1x TA388 PicoBNC+ current clamp 2000 AAC/DC
1x TA395 PicoBNC+ linear temperature probe with wide measuring range
4x TA397 PicoBNC+ secondary ignition voltage pick-off clamp
1x TA398 PicoBNC+ (COP) ignition coil and signal probe
1x TA404 PicoBNC+ 3 m test lead, permanent ground, 4 mm (blue)
1x TA405 PicoBNC+ 3 m test lead, permanent ground, 4 mm (red)
1x TA406 PicoBNC+ 3 m test lead, permanent ground, 4 mm (green)
1x TA407 PicoBNC+ 3 m test lead, permanent ground, 4 mm (yellow)
1x TA432 PicoBNC+ resistance measuring lead
1x TA473 PicoBNC+ current clamp 60 AAC/DC
2x TA499 PicoBNC+ Automotive 10:1 test lead and adapter

The unique features offered by the Scope 4225A are real advantages over other oscilloscopes and provide significant relief to technicians.

  • PicoBNC+ probe detection improves scope setup, saving time, reducing errors, and enabling new users to gain confidence and assurance faster than with other scopes.
  • PicoBNC+ powered probes improve instrument maintenance, which means probes are always ready to use (no more dead batteries!) without battery limitations on the use of current clamps for long-term measurements.
  • PicoBNC+ software control improves probe setup, providing automatic zeroing of current clamps and other probes, avoiding incorrect probe switch settings, and simplifying probe setup for the user.
  • Channel status LEDs facilitate technician support by clearly indicating which probes need to be connected to which channel and which channels are active.
  • Probe swap protection [only in PS7, not in PS6] improves connection reliability, eliminating the possibility of accidental incorrect installation or measurement.
  • PicoBNC+ resistance measurement probe improves measurement options, providing reliable dynamic testing when only resistance specifications are available, as well as real-time resistance change monitoring (wiggle test).
  • Pico BNC+ temperature probe improve measurement options that allow the correlation of errors of temperature and performance of air conditioners to the timeline.

In addition to the new features, the 4425A continues to offer the benefits of the PicoScope 4425:

  • ConnectDetect™ improves component connectivity, giving you confidence that you have made a good probe connection.
  • Higher voltage input range (+/- 200 V) improves scope flexibility, saving time by requiring fewer voltage dividers (e.g., for injector voltages) and protecting the instrument against accidental connection to higher voltages.
  • Floating inputs improve measurement options and provide safe, low-noise measurements with none of the inputs connected to ground, and allows voltage drop measurements with a single channel.
  • High sampling rate (up to 400 MS/s) improves diagnostic capability and allows you to test the most advanced systems, see waveforms in high detail, and detect all major signal variations.
  • High vertical resolution (12-bit) improves measurement evaluation and provides waveforms in high precision and without the distortions caused by low resolutions.
  • USB connectivity improves system configuration and provides technicians with mobility and convenience with reliable operation in all work environments.
  • Enhanced triggers improve measurement options, enabling capture of sporadic faults and rapidly triggered disturbances.
  • Advanced filtering (hardware and software) improves measurement analysis, allowing technicians to remove or reduce signal noise that could overwhelm the underlying signal waveform.
  • Hardware frequency measurement enhances measurement options that provide a real-time view of information encoded in frequency-modulated digital signals, such as that from a digital airflow meter.
  • Large memory capacity (512 MB) improves measurement options that allow long recording times required to capture sporadic errors.
  • Calculation channels improve measurement analysis by allowing technicians to automatically process data to separately display information useful to them, such as power or RPM.
  • Measurement lines and rulers improve measurement evaluation and allow technicians to measure crank angles and other phase-related signals within cyclic automotive signals.
  • Free software upgrades improve future-proofing, so your investment will increase your scope's performance over time without incurring ongoing costs.

Innovation PicoBNC+
We developed the new connection technology, PicoBNC+, to bring a unique combination of compatibility with traditional and third-party probes with a simple and powerful system to the market, creating new smart probes for the future. BNC connectors are the industry standard and a good choice for fast, accurate voltage signals, but they are also very limited because they only provide one electrical connection for transmitting the voltage into the scope channel. This means that all Active Probes require a bulky box with a battery, and we wanted to avoid that in the future.

The new PicoBNC+ connector is a plug-and-play design - just plug it in, and that's it! The connectors use color coding on the plastic housing, which can be matched by interactive LEDs on the oscilloscope that both indicate what is expected from the scope and confirm what is connected. The new type of probes are automatically detected by the software and set up accordingly by the oscilloscope. This allows a technician to use the PicoScope 4X25A even faster and focus on testing the components in front of them.

The PicoBNC+ interface retains the BNC connector to ensure the best high-frequency analog playback, but adds digital and power interfaces. The new color-coded plastic shells on the probes give us enough room in the housing for the electronics, opening up unlimited possibilities for future probes. At the same time, all existing BNC probes can still be used.

A new feature of the PicoBNC+ measurement probes is the interchange protection.

The new PicoBNC+ probes are recognized by the software, which then stores this information in a PicoScope data file. When the file is subsequently opened, the software can detect which probe is connected. The user is then informed if the connected probe is different from the probes stored in the original configuration file. Only for PS7.

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