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Die BGS technic KG, ein traditionelles, inhabergeführtes Familienunternehmen bietet seit nunmehr über 45 Jahren eine stetig wachsende Auswahl an Handwerkzeugen und KFZ-Spezialwerkzeugen.

Die Marke BGS technic® steht seit der ersten Herstellung 1970 in Deutschland und über 80 Ländern weltweit für ausgezeichnete Qualität sowie eine Vielzahl innovativer Neuheiten und genießt bei den Kunden einen hervorragenden Ruf. Im unserem Sortiment finden Sie hochwertige und belastbare Hand-, Druckluft und Elektrowerkzeuge für den täglichen Werkstatt- und Industrieeinsatz. Oberstes Ziel im Sinne der Kunden ist dabei, mit schnellem Service alle Produkte zum bestmöglichem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis anzubieten. Weit über 6.000 Qualitäts-Werkzeuge und monatliche Sortimentserweiterungen erhalten Sie in der bekannten BGS Premiumqualität. Alle Produkte werden direkt aus unserer modernen Zentral-Logistik mit ansprechender Verpackung in deutscher und englischer Sprache geliefert.

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LED headlamp with focus LED headlamp with focus
The LED headlamp is ideal in situations where both hands are needed. With the adjustable focus, you can choose the right setting for almost any situation between the spot function and a floodlight. With the multifunction button, you can...
€14.95 *
3 pcs. Soft-Power wheel set with inner square 3 pcs. Soft-Power wheel set with inner square
The adapter set is suitable for use with an impact wrench as well as for a torque wrench. The set can be used with tools that use the inner square 12.5 mm (1/2 "). Due to the plastic coating on the attachments, optimum protection of the...
€15.96 *
Rotation angle measuring device with cliparm Rotation angle measuring device with cliparm
Some screws on vehicles must be tightened according to angle degrees. An example are screws at the cylinder head, connecting rod foot or can also be expansion screws. The rotation angle measuring instrument offers here 0° - 360°. The...
€27.99 *
Trailer, towing vehicle tester 7 and 13-pole Trailer, towing vehicle tester 7 and 13-pole
The trailer and towing vehicle tester is designed to enable simple and quick testing of the 12V electrics of trailers and towing vehicles. Thanks to the adapter, it enables the testing of 7- and 13-pole connections. The adapter is...
€29.99 *
Ignition coil disassembly tool Ignition coil disassembly tool
Ignition coil disassembly kit for quick and safe assembly of ignition coils. This kit covers many Volkswagen Group vehicles. With the ignition coil disassembly tool, damage to the coil is significantly reduced. The simple application...
€34.99 *
Vacuum pump / brake bleeder Vacuum pump / brake bleeder
This set is ideal for testing components in the vacuum system, including valves, hoses and MAP sensors. Also a simple bleeding of the brake system can be done easily and without the help of another person. The pressure is generated...
€34.99 *
Motor pressure loss tester Motor pressure loss tester
The engine pressure loss tester is suitable for quick and easy diagnosis of leaks in the combustion chamber. Leaks can be detected e.g. at intake and exhaust valves, head gaskets and piston rings. The pressure loss values are displayed...
€39.99 *
Digital Battery tester Digital Battery tester
The battery tester is used to test vehicle batteries and charging and starter systems. It is suitable for 12V batteries with a cold start current between 200 - 1000 A. The 3-digit digital voltage display is quick and easy to read. The 3...
€39.99 *
Adapter for Bosch, Denso, Siemens (common rail diesel) Adapter for Bosch, Denso, Siemens (common rail...
These adapters are suitable for use on a common rail tester to determine the return volume. The adapters are for i.a. Suitable for systems from the following manufacturers: Siemens, Bosch and Denso and many more The adapters are made of...
€43.00 *
Common Rail tester Common Rail tester
With the the Common-Rail Tester, the return volume can be easily measured. This can be done either with plastic pistons or with measuring cups. The scope of delivery includes 6 plastic pistons and 6 measuring cups, each with a 70 cm...
€55.99 *
Carbon Dioxide Leak Tester for Engines Carbon Dioxide Leak Tester for Engines
Description for finding the smallest leaks such as leaking cylinder head gasket hairline cracks in the engine block, etc. suitable for petrol, diesel and gas engines allows the detection of very small amount carbon dioxide in the liquid...
€79.99 *
LED bonnet light with rechargeable battery LED bonnet light with rechargeable battery
The bonnet light is perfect for illuminating the engine compartment during maintenance work on motor vehicles. Due to the telescopic holder, this can be used for most car models. With the 360 ° hook, the telescopic bracket can be adapted...
€82.99 *
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