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Overview in the diagnostic jungle.
Since the introduction of the Euro III standard in 2001, the OBD interface has also become mandatory for all new vehicles registered in Europe. Since then, the range of diagnostic devices available on the market has increased. From vehicle-specific testers, to function-specific coding devices, to multi-brand multifunction testers. These come both as PC software with a corresponding communication device, or as a combination device - today mostly in the form of a tablet-like device.

In addition, there are other measuring devices that are indispensable for any operation in the automotive trade: whether it's a simple multimeter or a special tool for noise diagnosis, a thermometer with a high measuring range or an endoscope for precise diagnoses in the confines of the engine.

How is anyone supposed to keep track of what's necessary, what's useful, what's helpful? This is where we come in!

Tested by masters!
Each of the products offered in the CCD Diagnoseshop, has been extensively tested by the automotive masters of CCD Car-Diagnostics and tested in their function. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the automotive trade, our three diagnostic masters are also available to help you with your diagnostic challenges with advice and appropriate tools.

Ingo, Wolfgang and Jürgen - all three of whom also spend at least one day a week in active operation in our in-house test workshop - are supported by Stephan, Stefan, Patrick and Nils in extensively testing our offerings. This way we can make sure that only useful and helpful products end up in the CCD-Onlineshop! ... and every now and then an informative video for our Youtube channel comes along.

Shipping competence - since 2017
More than two dozen packages leave our warehouse in Bochum - the heart of the Ruhr area - every day. Petra, Christopher and Birgit are also available for personal pickup since the foundation 3 years ago.

Thanks to our well-coordinated shipping team, all orders received before 12.00 noon usually leave the warehouse on the same day - and if you are impatiently waiting for your latest diagnostic device, we will be happy to send you a tracking number from our logistics service provider GLS.

And should a diagnostic device purchased from us not be to your liking, we also offer you an uncomplicated reversal of the purchase!

Just take a look around our store and if you have any questions, we are available from Monday to Friday from 9.00-17.00 for you. Via email; phone or live chat!